How does vysales work?

Each time you enter a valid topic, vysales queries multiple APIs and web feeds (streams of content from different sources) in real-time and organize them in a structured interface. The content is then categorized in modules that can be accessed from the main left menu.

vysales also displays semantic connections between topics, in form of links.

How is all this possible?

The web is continually growing more open and more social. Because of this, many websites have opened up programming interfaces (APIs) that allow developers to get at their core information, in exchange for attribution. vysales has developed a technology to efficiently query, retrieve, categorize and display large amounts of digital contents and data in near real-time from multiple APIs and online information systems.

Do you have permission from third-party services to publish their content?

Yes. Most third-party sites vysales queries, have given implicit permission and consent to reuse their content by offering public APIs and open scripts to publish or embed their content in other sites or applications. Other publisers, provide GPLs (General Public License) or non-restrictive Creative Commons copyright attributions, making it possible to legally use their content in our website.

Why did you choose the name vysales?

vysales is a web application that combines data from more than one source into a single integrated tool. Always allows you to watch video on a playlist.

Is it free?

Yes, and it will always stay that way.

Do you have an iPad or Android App?

Not yet, We are working on them.

Why do I get not-related content in some topics?

Some ambiguous terms provide a few inaccurate elements at this point, due to the real-time nature of our application, but experimenting and trying to understand the dynamics involved will provide insight into the workings of vysales and the eventual possibilities.

How can I contact you?

Visit our Contact Page